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Lino printing workshop

In this 4 hours live workshop we will be making one of a kind lino print ready to be hang! 

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In a cozy place in the heart of Zurich

duration 4 hours 

You don't need to buy anything - all supplies are included in the price! Be ready to have great time!

I want to deliver the best experience for you, so the workshop is limited to only 8 participants. Grab your spot now!

Ready to dive into the meditative process of carving and printing? Make your unique artwork and gain all the essential knowledge about lino printing?

  • Is the workshop for beginners?
    Yes! It is designed for complete beginners. No knowledge required. I will guide you through all stages of lino printing and will be doing everything along with you. But if you already have experience, I am sure you won't get bored - we will carve and print a motif that is challenging enough :)
  • What will I be printing?
    I have a picture ready for you. For the best first experience with lino printing I suggest that we all carve the same motif - that way you will get a better understanding which areas to carve. The motif I prepare is not very difficult, yet complicated enough to try different carving techniques. You will end up with a hand printed artwork.
  • Do I need to buy any materials?
    No! All supplies are included in the price of the workshop and will be waiting for you at the studio in Zurich. Just bring your good spirit and I will take care of the rest!
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